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Market Placement

The road to market success is difficult. Only a very small percentage of patented ideas turn into market hits. We strive to change this fact by getting your idea out there on the shelf, instead of it staying on the drawing board.

We are the only marketer who can guarantee to place your finished-product into a store. How can we do this? The answer is simple – we own and run shops that specifically sell inventions and new products. This itself is unique worldwide.

Our Erfinderladen (InventorShop) in Berlin was first opened in December, 2009. Since then it has experienced tremendous growth and has been well-received by the press and in its location in a popular neighborhood in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.

In addition, we also have an online shop where your invention can be shown and sold. Due to the success experienced by our shop in Berlin, we are expanding and introducing the Erfinderladen concept throughout Europe, the United States, and selected Asian countries. Our latest addition is our Erfinderladen in Salzburg, Austria, which opened in April, 2011.

Our shop employees are trained in invention marketing and everyone who enters the store is approached as a source for creative criticism and feedback.

Let InventorHaus be your bridge between idea and marketplace.


Erfinderladen (InventorShop) in Berlin, Germany :

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