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Public Relations

Product introductions and launches can usually be costly. As such, a well-defined and targeted press relations strategy is an important instrument in getting your idea known. We place a high priority on creating solid public relations strategies. Depending on the type of innovation, a strategy to lock the consumer’s attention will be generated.

Good contacts with journalists and a professional press relations approach are a prerequisite for dialogue with the public. Products should not brought to the market without a sophisticated media campaign. Whether an appearance on TV or an article in the press, the way to market successfully via the media is unattainable for many inventors.

Let us convince you in a no-obligation conversation about the following PR services we can provide you:

  • Development of PR concepts
  • Press Releases, creation and distribution
  • Editorial Texts
  • Maintenance of media contacts
  • Initiation of Interviews
  • Newsletter Design
  • Product Launch

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