Erfinderladen, The Inventor Shop

For nearly all inventors and product designers, bringing their idea to market is their biggest hurdle. Circa 3% of patented ideas actually come to market. We thought that this is simply too low and decided to change this by opening up our own shop in 2009, the Erfinderladen.

“Erfinder” = Inventor
“Laden” = Shop / Store

Erfinderladen provides inventors the opportunity to present their inventions, sell them to consumers, and receive real market feedback of their ideas. It’s the dream of every inventor. The days of going to expansive trade fairs and trying to generate interest in their idea or product is over.

With Erfinderladen, we have a platform to showcase the products where licensees, distributors and other retailers can find the latest products to include in their portfolio. We also have regular events for product premieres for the media and our clients. The media loves the store, because there is always a new story to tell. Not just about the product, but more importantly about how the inventor came up with the idea and the journey until it became a reality.

Thanks to the overwhelming success of our initial shop in Berlin, we opened a second shop in Salzburg, Austria, and are planning further openings across Europe and to enter the North American market.

All products sold in our Erfinderladen are also sold online at

Erfinderladen in Berlin, Germany
Erfinderladen in Salzburg, Austria

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