The roots of InventorHaus, Inc. go back to 1996 when university friends Marijan Jordan and Gerhard Muthenthaler founded the IPOS Advertising Agency in Salzburg, Austria. Through their company, the two became exposed to inventions and the problems that inventors face in marketing their inventions and decided to get involved. The rapidly expanding world of the internet offered Inventors unparalleled opportunities to quickly and inexpensively develop an idea and find partners.

After several successful local projects, erfinder.at GmbH was founded in 1998. In 2004, Marijan and Gerhard left Salzburg in good hands and opened the Erfinderhaus Patentvermarktungs GmbH offices in Berlin, Germany. In 2008, Erfinderhaus.de and Patent-net.de were created for the German-speaking markets. 2009 their own retail shop, „Erfinderladen“ was opened on a side street in a popular Berlin neighborhood, Prenzlauer Berg.

The press is constantly visiting and reporting on the shop and its interesting products, creating opportunities for the inventor’s product to quickly find placement within other retail outlets. In 2010, expansion into international markets was started with inpama.com, an internet platform in english, where inventors can present their products and find partners for developing and selling their products.

In 2011, InventorHaus, Inc. was created. Based in the Miami, Florida, the goal is to bring new products from the North American market into Europe.

Today : Erfinderhaus now has more than 30 employees located in Germany, Austria and USA. As long as there are people who have ideas, our success story can only continue.
Marijan Jordan and Gerhard Muthenthaler

Germany: Erfinderhaus.de & Erfinderhaus.com
Austria: Erfinder.at
USA: InventorHaus, Inc.

Erfinferladen (Inventor Shops):
Erfinderladen Berlin, Germany
Erfinderladen Salzburg, Austria
Coming soon:  Erfinderladen Hamburg, Germany

Online Shops:

Online Portals/Platforms/Magazines/Blogs for Inventors:
in German: www.Patent-net.de
Austria: www.land-der-erfinder.at
Germany: www.land-der-erfinder.de
Switzerland: www.land-der-erfinder.ch

in English: Inpama.com

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