How we work

Do you want to know if your idea has potential? InventorHaus Inc. will assess and give you feedback on your idea free of charge. Take advantage of our long experience of assessing product ideas, business concepts, and inventions. Naturally, your confidentiality is assured and treated with the highest regard. To ensure this, you will be sent a signed legal confidentiality agreement which protects you and your idea, especially if you do not have a patent.

No idea is too big or too small.

Tell us as much about your idea as you can so we can make a better analysis. If you feel that a personal telephone call would be better for you, please send us your telephone number, and we will gladly call you back. This service is completely free of charge and will not lock you into any liabilities or obligations.

Once we identify the stage of development of your idea and your goals, we can further discuss our services and how we can work together to take the necessary steps to bring your product to market. The steps and time needed varies from project to project.

If you already have a patented idea and want to promote it on your own, you can do that free of charge on our website :

Do you have an invention or business idea?

InventorHaus can directly bring your product to market as well as guide you through each step of the invention process.

We will assess your idea for free. Confidentiality assured.